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Family Medicine


Life is multidimensional and cannot really be compartmentalized. This is why most of us need a doctor that is specialised and competent to deal with the majority of health problems that commonly affects us, irrespective of age or gender.

Our hospital offers first contact care by Family Physicians. Therefore, you are first seen by a clinician that can competently offer a broad range of care. Our Family Physicians are highly experienced and are not just interested in curing your present illness but in offering wholistic care.


We offer :

1.            Preventive care and health promotion services

*annual medical check-up

*pre-employment health check, nanny check

*pre-travel health check and immunizations

*pre-admission health screen

2.            Treatment of common acute conditions such as

*eye, ear, nose, mouth and teeth problems (including ear syringing and removal of foreign bodies)

*sexual, genital and urinary infections

*common infections such as those of respiratory system, abdomen, skin, etc.

*accidents and injuries

3.            Management of chronic conditions such as

        *hypertension, diabetes, obesity, ulcer and heart burn, asthma, chronic headaches, degenerative joint diseases

4.            Geriatric care

5.            Mental health: depression, anxiety,  insomnia, substance use disorder, etc.

6.            Emergency care

7.            Palliative care

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