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The Premier Specialist’s Medical Centre is known for excellent gynaecological services over the years.

What makes us stand out.

  • Our gynaecologists have many years of experience

  • We offer wide range of gynaecological services such as Myomectomies, Total Abdominal Hysterectomies, Ovarian-cystectomies, Oophorectomy, Pelvic floor repair, Vaginal surgeries including laser surgeries; diagnostic & operative hysteroscopy, diagnostic & operative laparoscopy.

  • Effective management of post operative pain by the anaesthetists using patient controlled analgesia (PCA).

  • Management of Common & atypical gynaecological conditions.

  • Contraceptive counselling and provision of family planning and effective contraception.

  • PAP Smear, HPV testing & Colposcopy

  • Administration of HPV vaccines to young girls & adolescents.

  • Multidisciplinary team.

  • Management of gynaecological conditions co-existing with medical conditions.

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