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Pregnancy is a special moment in the life of a woman and so our obstetricians with their wealth of experience provide all the needed medical care & support throughout your pregnancy during and after childbirth.

Our hospital offer one of the best maternal & neonatal care in the country with extremely low mortality rate.

We offer:

  • Flexible antenatal care provided by experienced obstetricians that provide individualized, patient centered care.

  • Comprehensive antenatal classes with child birth preparation

  • Multidisciplinary management of high-risk pregnancies

  • Epidural analgesia in labour

  • 3D obstetric ultrasonography

  • Fully equipped, modern & comfortable birthing Suites and Postnatal rooms.

  • Caesarean sections (Both Elective & Emergency) in an ultra-modern theatre by our obstetricians with the latest anaesthetic machines manned 24 hrs by our full-time anaesthetists.

  • Neonatal Care & Special Care baby unit for new born/preterms with 24hr on call neonatologists

  • Post natal care & effective family planning methods.

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