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Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)

A comprehensive and fully equipped Special Care Baby Unit. We care for newborn babies as from 26 weeks gestation and above.  

Our special care baby unit is equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities to manage newborn infants as young as 26 weeks gestation. The SCBU care is one nurse to a baby, with full observance of asepsis and 24-hour full surveillance.

Theatre/Recovery Room

A multipurpose theatre fully equipped with modern monitoring equipment, array of surgical instruments and highly trained medical staff. 

The recovery room is a 3-bed area used for immediate post operative management and for emergencies. Each bed has a pulse oximeter and monitors. There is also a stand-by defibrillator.

Comprehensive Medical Screening

Comprehensive Medical Screening under The Premier Specialists' Medical Centre offers you the opportunity to go through series of laboratory and radiological investigations to detect hidden health conditions and evaluate/ monitor ongoing ailments.

These screening tests afford you the opportunity to prevent, or delay the onset  of some ongoing chronic medical conditions. Our sophisticated equipment will  help assess the functioning of the lungs, the liver, the heart and the kidneys.  These aseessments include EEG, Spirometry, Full Blood Count, Blood Pressure check, Abdominal scan, eye test, etc.

We also screen for various cancers by way of mammography (for breast cancer), pap smear (for cervical cancer), and PSA (for prostate cancer).

Comprehensive Paediatric Screening

  • General physical examination, weight, height, blood pressure.

  • Complete examination of the systems of the body- central nervous system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal system and urogenital system.

  • Eye screening immunization against communicable diseases

  • Laboratory investigations e.g. Full Blood Count, Urinalysis, Blood  Group, Genotype and Mantoux test.

  • Chest X-ray

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